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Time-save & money-make

Track your hours and then invoice your work. Get paid what you deserve and never lose a penny. Not anymore.

Work like a champ

Focus on unlocking your creativity. Use the extra time to boost your efficiency and rise to the top. We’ll do the rest!

Be a project master

Develop a strategy, prioritize tasks and rule over your kingdom. Elorus is Your Majesty’s faithful counsel.

We take your time seriously

Time is of the essence and that’s why Elorus counts your time with the click of a button. Start it, stop it and review your online timesheets. You can even add notes to each one to remember what you’ve been up to.


In your timesheets, you can register time weekly and in blocks. This way, Elorus offers you a view of your daily worked hours as well as their weekly sum. Bonus fact: the total of your billable hours can also be managed via the timesheets. So, set aside the fixation on timing accuracy and focus on the quality of your work.

Master your projects to perfection

Have the total overview of your projects’ hours, billable and non-billable altogether. You can view the timesheets per project, per task or per assignee. We put you in full control of your time and productivity so our extensive reporting will be always by your side. Plus, you can also attach expenses to your projects, moderate them and climb the ladder of project management.

Share timesheets with your clients

Your clients deserve some peace of mind. Let them access your dedicated client portal to monitor the progress of your common projects. Include detailed timesheets and justify every cost down to the second. Just concentrate on building strong business ties and scoring integrity points.

Top-notch time management

Whether you are a lone wolf or a team player, Elorus can help you manage everything that contributes to your professional development.

1. Add a project

Set up all the necessary information about it and get busy.

2. Log your time

Daily, weekly or at a date your prefer, enter your working time.

3. Invoice your work

Charge your billable hours to your client automatically.

Real-time team monitoring

Use the browser extension to monitor who’s currently working on what. Make sure that everyone is spending their time on the right tasks and maximize your team’s productivity.

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Elorus integrates with your favorite applications, so you can start the timer without even switching tabs.

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